Christophe Mareschal was born in 1986 in Strasbourg. He was fascinated very early by rock music and jazz, and quickly developed a special interest for percussion instruments. As early as 9 years-old, he asked to take music lessons. Hence, he began his learning in Dijon. In order to follow a vocational training, he moved to Vesoul at 16 and was taught by Christian Bourdon at the Akanga Music School. There he learned how to practice various styles of music and found out that he had a real passion for rhythms and the whole world music.
Christophe Mareschal - Musicien, batteur

Bands & formations

I play in several formations. My regular collaborations : Manou Gallo Groove Orchestra et Women Band, Habib Faye trio, Johann Berby Métisse Maloya, Sally Nyolo, Richard Epessé , Bens Bélinga quartet ( Les Blancs d'Afrique), Mike Ellis, Baco & Urban Plant...

Musics & Discoveries

a universal language

Travelling, discovering new cultures and new horizons, the music helps to open the spirit and touch the heart.


Regis Kole - Tché Tché Koulé
Johann Berby - Gro Marenn Dominik
Johann Berby - N'RN


Manou Gallo - Live medley

Blue Ride

Bikutsi ( Alain Nyamé - Christophe Mareschal )

Makossa (Alain Nyamé - Christophe Mareschal )


transmission of the knowledge

The knowledge which i received, i share it now with my pupils. For more information, please send me a message in the contact section.


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